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This is me, take it or leave it

31 December
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Words cannot express me. There is no true way to understand me. I dont even understand myself, but I'll try my best. I write better than I speak, I dance better than I walk, I scream better than I cry, I hide better than I confront, I love better than I hate, and I listen better than I read. I love my family and I love my friends. They are always so upfront with me and I appreciate it. I dance to let out my anger and frustration, and to express myself because I am horrible orally. I am Anita. I am so confused!
16 candels, a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, afi, all 80's music, all american regects, all rap music, amberlin, and i hate boys, ani difranco, animals, apc, art, as hope dies, as i lay dying, ashly and chet!, at the drive in, ataris, belt buckles, ben folds, black, black hair, blindside, blue eyes, boobies and such, boys, bright eyes, calogn, camels, candy, chingy, cigarettes, cloths, coheed and cambria, converse, cookies, corvettes, cuddling, dancing, darkest hour, death cab for cuttie, donnie darko, eighteen visions, electroclash, emo, empire records, evergreen terace, eye liner, eyes, fashion, fight club, finch, fiona apple, from autum to ashes, full metal jacket, further seems forever, girls, glassjaw, green day, hair, hapiness, hardcore, hearts, holding hands, horror movies, hot hot heat, hot pink, i hate girls, incubus, indie movies, janes addiction, janet jackson, kenna, kissing, lip rings, lips, lipstick, liz phair, local shows, loud music, loud shows, love, ludacris, lust, makeup, making out, michael jackson, mindless self indulgence, my friends, nelly, night, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, nofx, norma jean, photography, piercings, pin ups, pirates, poetry, poison the well, postal service, pulp fiction, punk rock, reading, red, requiem for a dream, requium for a dream, rocky horror picture show, saved by the bell, saves the day, screaming, sex pistols, shiva, slc punk, slurpees, smirnoff ice, sodamy, stars, tattoos, tegan and sara, text messaging, the 80's, the ataris, the cure, the early november, the faint, the holiday inn, the juliana theory, the mars volta, the smiths, the social, the used, the world, thrice, thursday, tori amos, touch, underoath, underoath hahaha, university of central florida, vanilla sky, vodka, warped tour, weezer, wisky, working out, writing, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard